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National Granite

National Granite is Australia’s leading supplier of natural stone monuments and memorial products. Our national business has been providing memorials and other stone products to cemeteries and masons across Australia. We offer more than 50 different natural marbles and granites from Australia and around the world. Some of the local granites we stock include Australian Grandee, Balmoral Green and Australian Calca.

Our experienced team provides support for cemeteries including memorial design, memorial and cemetery architecture and designs for landscaping projects. We
provide our clients with innovative memorialisation designs and products drawing on our local and international experience.

National Granite has completed project in every State in Australia and internationally in New Zealand, The United States of America, Canada, China, and Mongolia.

Our stone product range includes statues, sculptures, ash interment memorials, niche systems, garden retaining walls, pavers and stone garden products and

We also supply cemetery and memorial products including granite & marble monuments, vases, bronze crosses, candilly boxes, ceramic photos, bronze and ceramic statues, aluminium products including memorial doors, gold leaf, vases and electronic candles. Our range of accessories includes more than 500 products and we are always looking for new and innovative products for our clients.

Our partner factory is compliant to ISO9001:2008 and has provided world leading stone selection and manufacturing services for more than 40 years. The team work with our local team to purchase stone from quarries and then oversee the manufacture of monuments from the raw stone to the finished products.

As one of Australia’s largest stone companies National Granite can ensure that orders are manufactured and delivered on time. Our team work with our clients to
select from our stock or source customised stone products that can be produced in as little as 6 weeks from order. We will work closely with you to find the right granite or marble product and design a memorial, sculpture or statue to suit your exact needs.



National Granite has committed to provide a great service while maintaining a very competitive price. We have structured our pricing to enable us to provide you with the best possible prices at all times, taking into account the foreign currency fluctuations and market reviews. Should you have any special designs that are not of a standard range or if you are unsure of the costing, we are more than happy to provide you a quote on those designs.


Designs and drawings are the first critical step in the process. Our design team is highly skilled in a variety of software programs that are used to most accurately document designs and specifications. All orders are placed using your reference number and a confirmation will be sent back to you. Drawings are then appropriately transcribed and emailed to our factory. Some drawings of completed jobs attached.

Designs & Drawings

National Granite is offering over70 granite materials, including many Australian local types of granite, such as Australian Grandee, Balmoral Green and Australian Calca, etc. Processing the granite starts with selecting the most appropriate raw blocks from our huge stocked range that best meets the criteria of the individual job. The block is then cut down to the appropriate sizes, ready to be shaped.


This process can only be handled by the most skilled stonemasons & craftsman in the industry, which is why our partner factory goes to great lengths to employ only the best. Our craftsman have the skills to sculpture monuments to any designs and specifications, which can include monuments with carvings, etching, 3D sandblasting, rustic / rocky edges, polished, exfoliated, sawn and many other finishes & edge styles.

Shaping & Polishing

At this point selected specialists with an eye for detail check over each piece to ensure that there are no imperfections and that all measurements meet with the order specifications before allowing the monuments to be packed, also ensure the packaging is suitable before being packed into the containers for shipping

Quality Control

All our monuments are packaged using treated timber crates to provide strength, using a combination of both rubber & foam between the pieces of granite to provide protection from scratching or chipping. We are also using the silica gel in each crate to absorb the moisture and prevent the moulds.


National Granite is committed to providing a very reliable delivery schedule. All monuments are delivered to our warehouse in Lidcombe within 4-6 weeks of placement of order. At this point a packing list will be emailed or faxed outlining the crate details, so that can be delivered or picked up at your convenience.


Our product range is very broad and ranges from granite & marble monuments, ceramic photos & statues, aluminum doors in addition to gold leaf, vase inserts and many other accessories. please check our accessories products.


As we have great trust in our product, National Granite will continue its services by providing MPCC with the replacements on any goods that are faulty such as cracks to the granite that have occurred from natural causes or have not been made to our agreed specification. Granite and marble being natural stone cannot be guaranteed that one stone can be exactly the same as another and will consist of an imperfection, however should this happen this may be discussed in the future.


National Granite is supplying more than 170 customers across the states.

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